With more than 150 classes every week, you’ll never be short of choice

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With so much variety, you’ll love trying something new

We run a huge range of different classes each week, so whatever your favorite form of exercise, you’ll definitely find it here. Our instructors lead a range of High Intensity training classes, such as BODYPUMP™, GRIT, as well as yoga, Pilates and other holistic sessions. Plus, our instructors are the best around, super motivating and really approachable!
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BLAZE is a very new way of working out. This boutique class on the 4th floor brings intense cardiovascular training together with strength, boxing and Martial Arts skills. Unleash your energy during a fast-paced workout that is guaranteed to put you through your paces. And see just how hard you've worked wearing the MyZone heart-rate monitoring strap. You’ll start seeing results quickly and effectively. BLAZE, feel powerful, fit and strong!

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‘Friendly’, ‘fun’ and ‘energetic’ are just some of the comments we usually hear about group exercise classes in one of our 5 studios at David Lloyd Rotterdam Centrum! It’s true, our instructors will put you through your paces, but you’ll also have a great time. The classes in our studios focus on either getting your heart beating fast with a ‘High Intensity’ approach like Les Mills, or working in a more holistic environment with classes like Hatha yoga, Vinyasya yoga and Pilates. Plus, if you’re looking for a great cardio workout try a class in our Group Cycling studio, which is the perfect place to work up a sweat. And that’s not all; we also have a broad range of other lessons at our club. We also have a virtual studio where you can enjoy Les Mills and holistic lessons.
  • Group Cycling studio
  • Blaze studio on 4th floor
  • 3 Group Exercise studios
  • Multi Sport Hall for group lessons
  • BLAZE HIIT lessons
  • Les Mills classes
  • High Intensity classes
  • Holistic classes
  • Virtual lessons
  • Book online, or via the app
  • Professional instructors
  • More than 150 classes each week

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