Clubs to partially reopen

Image of a lady swimming in a pool solo

We are excited to be able to open key areas of some of our clubs once again. Facilities that are available for use include outdoor tennis courts, outdoor fitness classes and swimming pools, but this varies by club.


We will be reopening swimming pools at the following clubs: Blijdorp, Amsterdam, Rotterdam Centrum, Rotterdam Blijdorp, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Capelle

You must follow the following process when swimming at your club:

  • When you enter the Club our receptionist will give you a number (ranging from 1 to 8). Please take a seat on the benches next to the number which has been allocated to you (numbers 7 and 8 are around the corner)
  • The pool will be separated into 2 lanes: a fast lane and a slow lane. There’s a maximum of 4 members per lane.
  • While waiting, please speak to fellow swimmers to determine who are the faster and the slower swimmers, to help you choose the right lane for you
  • When the duty managers gives the signal that the changing rooms have been cleaned, you can go to the changing room to put your belongings in a locker
  • In the changing room please use the locker with the same number the receptionist gave you, please look for the large white stickers. Number 1 is in the front of the changing room, number 8 is in the back.
  • The showers in the changing rooms cannot be used, please rinse off before swimming using the shower next to the pool
  • The swimming direction is clockwise and the minimum distance is 1.5m. Try to swim directly above the black line on the bottom of the pool, if everybody does this the sideways distance is always at least 2m.
  • Overtaking is not allowed, but you may let someone pass you. Please wait at the side and wave to the swimmer behind you that they can swim on
  • 15 minutes before the next session starts, all swimmers will be asked to leave the pool to get dressed. The showers in the changing rooms cannot be used but if you want to rinse off please use the shower next to the pool. Unfortunately, hair washing and use of shower gel is not allowed at this time.
  • The changing rooms must be empty 5 minutes before the next session starts so our team members can clean them for the next group
  • When exiting the club, please follow the arrows and stay left of the marked line on the floor so there will always be enough distance between you and the next group.

Please also take note of the instructions of the Dutch swimming federation, based on the guidelines of the RIVM:

  • Stay home if you or anyone in your direct environment has had any of the following symptoms (even lightly) in the past 24 hours: nose cold, coughing, breathing problems or fever
  • Stay home if anyone in your direct environment has been tested positive on the new coronavirus (COVID-19). Because you may get ill until 14 days after your last contact with this person, you will have to stay home for 14 days after your last contact with this person (while he/she was still contagious). Please follow the
    advice of the GGD.
  • Stay home if you have had the new coronavirus (confirmed by an official test in the past 7 days), or if you’re in self-quarantine because you’ve had direct contact with someone who got diagnosed with the new coronavirus
  • Go home directly if you start developing symptoms during your visit, like nose cold, coughing, breathing problems or fever
  • Keep 1.5-meter distance from any person out of your direct environment (exception: children under 12 amongst each other)
  • Cough and sneeze in your elbow and use paper handkerchiefs
  • Go to the toilet at home, before you come here. Wear your swimwear under your regular clothes
  • Wash your hands with water and soap for at least 20 seconds before and after your visit
  • Wash your hands with water and soap if your hands may be contaminated: after touching contact objects (door handles, pin pads, remote controls etcetera), after a toilet visit, after coughing or sneezing in your hands, after blowing your nose
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Do not shake hands

Outdoor Classes

We will be running a number of outdoor classes at the following clubs: Rotterdam Blijdorp, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Utrecht and Capelle

The following guidelines will be in place:

  • Outdoor group exercise classes have to be booked online either through our app or via the website.Booking is also possible at the reception or by phone.
  • Reception will guide you to the area for your class when you arrive at the club
  • Each class will have a reduced capacity to ensure we meet social distancing rules
  • There will be additional gaps between classes for the club to clean all equipment.
  • Access to classes is only possible if you have booked.

Outdoor Tennis

We will be opening our outdoor tennis facilities at David Lloyd Eindhoven.

The following guidelines will be in place:

  • Courts have to be booked online either through our app or by logging in on our website.
  • The access to the courts will be through the terrace.
  • There is no access to the main club building and other facilities. The locker rooms, toilets and restaurant will remain closed.
  • David Lloyd Clubs is strictly following the guidelines of the Dutch tennis federation KNLTB
  • Access to the club is only possible on presentation of your member card and ID. Member cards remain strictly personal.

Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy being back at your club!

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